Ellen DeGeneres Helps One Community Surprise A Deserving Cashier With Something Special

"We wanted to come together and just show him exactly what he means to us."

Mike Haynes, a cashier at a Walgreens in St. Louis spreads so much happiness throughout his community that his customers decided to rally together to pay it forward

In a segment on The Ellen Show, Stacy Tasman — who started a fundraiser for Haynes to help raise him some extra cash — explains via a video chat that Haynes is "so genuine and warm and kind" every time she walks into his store. He makes it a point to say hello to you with your name, she adds, and he consistently makes everyone happy. 

"We just love him to death. We wanted to come together and just show him exactly what he means to us and wanted [to have] the chance to brighten his day." 


With that, Tasman and other members of the community, standing outside of Haynes' Walgreens, make their way into the store with Jeannie Klisiewicz from The Ellen Show and Ellen DeGeneres herself on the phone. 

Haynes is clearly surprised by the sudden attention, telling DeGeneres that he's "not worthy" for it. When asked why it's important to be so kind to people, Haynes tells DeGeneres:

"A lot of it's my mother [and] different people that you meet in life. My mother always told me [that] the same people you meet going up in life [are] the same people that you meet going down ... [And] I've got a lot of great customers. I love this place." 

Tasman then announces that the fundraiser has collected more than $6,000 for Haynes, and after playing a quick game with DeGeneres, Haynes finds out that Shutterfly will be giving him another $10,000 to help him with his finances and caring for his mother. 

You check it all out in the full video below:


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