Ellen DeGeneres Brought To Tears After Hearing What This Teacher Does For Her Students

Literally, all of the tears.

Meet Sonya Romero.


She's a kindergarten teacher at Lew Wallace Elementary in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and sat in the audience for "The Ellen Show" yesterday. But Ellen DeGeneres had bigger plans for her.

She had heard about how much Romero has helped her students and asked her to come on stage.

According to local Albuquerque station KOAT, 75 percent of Romero's students live in poverty, but for them, she goes above and beyond.

Every morning she asks them two very important questions: "I ask my kids if they've eaten that morning, if they need anything to wear," she said.

She also fosters two of her students, which her co-workers say she did without hesitation.

Then the waterworks began when a a video montage played, featuring Romero's students and co-workers thanking her for all she has done — which even brought DeGeneres to tears.

However, it wouldn't be "The Ellen Show" unless DeGeneres surprised her in some way. 

When Romero wasn't looking, a stage hand brought out a Target check in her name for $10,000.

And the fact that many teachers in the U.S. collectively pay billions of their own money out-of-pocket for their classrooms didn't go unnoticed.

"And because I know what kind of person you are, and you think you're gonna use this $10,000 to help other people, they also want to give $10,000 To Lew Wallace Elementary School," DeGeneres told her.

Way to go, Ellen, for helping teachers, and as Facebook commenter Erin Leigh Henderson wrote: "The world needs many more teachers like Sonya Romero!!!"

Yes, yes, it does.


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