This Bus Driver Saved 20 Kids From A Burning Bus: 'I Had To Make Sure All My Babies Were Accounted For'

Now Ellen's taking notice.

In a continuing effort to reward those who inspire others to do good, Ellen DeGeneres met with Renita Smith, a school bus driver who saved 20 young students' lives from a burning bus in Prince George's County,  Maryland.

On an episode of The Ellen Show, Smith explains that while driving a bus filled with elementary school students she noticed that the bus' brake light had turned on. Shortly thereafter, she smelled smoke. 

"By the time I picked up the [radio] to call transportation, my bus was on fire," she says. With that, she escorted the children, who she calls her "babies," out of the bus in a single file line.

"But because, you know, everything happened so fast, the neighbors jumped in and got the babies to a safe haven and then I ran back into the bus because I had to make sure that all of my babies were accounted for," she adds. 


Of course, DeGeneres commends Smith for her act of bravery, which is met with overwhelming applause from the audience. 

When Smith recalls all the gratitude from the children's parents that day, she humbly says that she was just doing her job. 

"I'm just like, it's my job. They're my babies until I give them back to you."

With that, DeGeneres and Shutterfly give Smith, who lives paycheck to paycheck, a well-deserved gift. You can check out the interview in full below:


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