Ellen DeGeneres Totally Puts A Homophobe In His Place And It's Awesome

The only "agenda" she has is love and acceptance.

If having an "agenda" to spread love and acceptance is wrong, then talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres doesn't want to be right. 

"The Ellen Show" shared a bit from her latest show, in which she calls out a homophobic hater (also a pastor) who claims she has a "gay agenda" to manipulate teen girls into lesbianism. Hmm. He then further insults her by calling her marriage a "marriage." Note the quotes.

In typical Ellen fashion, she responds with love, humor and grace. 

Now, repeat after her: "Attention youth of the world, I want you to live your lives being true to who you are... secondly, I want you to wear Ellen underwear and only Ellen underwear."

If that's what's on the agenda, sign us up.

(H/T: Mic)


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