7 Times Ellen DeGeneres Proved Kindness Can Change The World

Ellen's love for humanity inspires us to be better people each day.

While the popular saying suggests you "kill 'em with kindness," everyone knows that kindness should lift others up, not tear people down. More than anyone, Ellen DeGeneres proves kindness can change the world every day of her life. As host of The Ellen Degeneres Show, the comedian has become synonymous with generosity. Ellen DeGeneres' inspirational acts also encourage viewers to be the best they can be, as Ellen DeGeneres' kindness knows no boundaries. Here are just seven stories from the A Plus archives that demonstrate how Ellen DeGeneres' generous nature has changed the lives of so many unsuspecting people:


1. Ellen surprises students after school gym gets destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.

After Hurricane Harvey destroyed the "Gold Gym" at Rockport-Fulton High School in Rockport, Texas, the school's volleyball team was devastated. Knowing that the gym was important to both the team and the community, Ellen donated $1 million, in partnership with Lowe's, to help the school rebuild this "second home." 

2. Ellen and Melissa McCarthy surprise mother-daughter duo with life-changing gift.

While promoting her latest movie, Life of the Party, actress Melissa McCarthy and Ellen invited a mother-daughter duo to play an odd version of beer pong. But, after winning $7,000, McCarthy and Ellen surprised Chassidy Jackson-Goodwin and Jaida Jackson with an even larger sum to help both pursue their college degrees. 

3. Ellen inspires viewer to achieve her goals with one simple word.

When Ellen discovered that one woman from the Dominican Republic learned English by watching her talk show, the host lived up to her inspirational call for everyone to "be kind" by surprising this viewer, Diana Aquino, with financial assistance to help her continue her education and achieve her goals. 

4. Ellen helps selfless man who went above and beyond to inspire children of color.

Inspired by Frederick Joseph's GoFundMe to help kids at the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem see Marvel's Black Panther, Ellen announced that her show would cover the screening costs, allowing the $42,000 raised to be used by the Boys & Girls Club as they saw fit. She also surprised Joseph with some financial assistance to alleviate his own debt. 

5. Ellen celebrates a hero who saved a family from the Montecito Mudslides.

Despite the deadly conditions inflicted by the mudslides in Montecito, Calif., Augie Johnson risked his life so save a 2-year-old boy. Johnson then started a GoFundMe for the boy and his father, who were the only two members of their family to survive. Inspired by his bravery, Ellen did not let his kindness go unmatched, and announced that Walmart would donate $50,000 toward the people and animals of Montecito in Johnson's name. 

6. Ellen honors Jimmy Kimmel's family with heartfelt gesture.

When friends are facing hard times, we often provide the strength the need to see things through. Thus, after Jimmy Kimmel revealed that his son Billy was born with a genetic heart disease, Ellen helped Kimmel by working with the doctors and nurses at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles to name a room at the facility in honor of his son, and to help countless future patients with one sincere gesture. 

7. Ellen donates considerable sum to support ESL teacher's literature program.

Much like Aquino, Emily Francis learned to speak English by watching Ellen's show and Friends after her mother brought her and her siblings to the U.S. from Guatemala. Now, as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher in North Carolina, Ellen teamed with Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya to help Francis provide literature for her students in their native languages. 

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