Ellen Says 'Me Too' And Offers Empowering Words About Fighting Sexual Harassment

"As hard as this is to talk about, at least we are talking about it."

On her show this week, Ellen DeGeneres lent her voice to the recent #MeToo movement, through which victims of sexual harassment and assault have been sharing their stories or letting others know they are not alone, following dozens of allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Earlier this week, DeGeneres tweeted the hashtag, and in Thursday's opening monologue, she offered her thoughts on the problem and some ideas for how to combat it — complete with a bit of her signature humor.


"I applaud them all. I think it's brave, and I think it's important to speak out and not be shamed by anyone," she said of the movement. "It is not always easy, but we have to do that. And that's why I posted and I will say it right now out loud: me too."

DeGeneres went on to remind viewers just how common this problem is, adding, "We all want the same thing. We want respect, and love, and kindness. And if I could have those three things, and a new iPhone 10, I would be complete."

DeGeneres also called out the restrictive gender roles, taught from an early age, which can make women hesitant to share their experiences. 

"Part of the problem is that, from a young age, girls are taught to stay quiet and be nice, and that boys are stronger, and somehow we are 'less than,' " she explained. "That is why it is hard for us to speak out. And even when we do speak out, people don't believe us."

The host added that there is "power in numbers," and praised the women (and men) who are speaking up. "As hard as this is to talk about, at least we are talking about it," she said, before going on to suggest that parents can "break the cycle" by teaching our children that "girls should be strong" and "boys should be kind."

Watch DeGeneres' monologue below:


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