Ellen DeGeneres And Kevin Hart Surprise Student Selling Her Car With An Incredible Gift

Helping out an incredibly deserving young woman.

While co-hosting alongside Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show, Kevin Hart decided he wanted to help someone special. 

"Someone that's really deserving," Hart says. "Maybe a full-time college student." 

"Maybe somebody who works, like, two to three jobs to pay for their education," DeGeneres adds.

With that, Hart and DeGeneres welcome Amber Thomas to the stage, a student who's also completed hours of community service and is selling her car to pay the bills. 

Thomas explains that she aims to help people in her own way by owning a small business. To accomplish her goals, Thomas sometimes gets just a couple hours of sleep in between working and studying for her online courses through Liberty University in Virginia.


To lend her a helping hand, DeGeneres and Hart surprise Thomas with $25,000, thanks to Shutterfly, to pay off her student loans. 

You can watch the surprise unfold in full below:


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