Ellen And Heidi Klum Fully Commit To This Sia-Inspired Halloween Performance

One, two, three, one, two, three, drink.

This year, Ellen DeGeneres decided to celebrate Halloween on The Ellen Show by rocking an incredible Sia-inspired costume — wig and all.

"Obviously you would not see Sia without her dancer Maddie [Ziegler], so please welcome my Maddie for the day, Heidi Klum," DeGeneres adds.

With that, supermodel Klum walks on stage, wearing a nude bodysuit and a wig, just like Ziegler did for Sia's epic "Chandelier" video

And because no episode of The Ellen Show is without a dance break, DeGeneres and Klum go on to present "Chandelier" to the audience, with DeGeneres lip-syncing Sia's song while Klum fully commits to an all-out dance performance. 


We're pretty sure this is one performance that would make even Sia and Ziegler themselves proud.

Be sure to check it out in full below:


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