Thanks To Ellen DeGeneres, These Brooklyn High Schoolers Can Pay For College

It's her biggest gift ever.

Earlier this month, Ellen DeGeneres introduced us to Natasha Campbell and Cheryl Lundy Swift, the founder and principal at Summit Academy Charter School in Brooklyn, N.Y. Though the school is located in an underserved community where only 4 percent of adults have college degrees, and more than 28 percent of children under 16 live in poverty, Campbell and Swift are determined to send as many students as possible to college.

Last year, 93 percent of the school's seniors went to college. To help bring that number up to 100 percent, Ellen surprised these amazing educators with a $25,000 gift from Walmart. This week, the host invited the entire senior class to the show, and she had an even bigger surprise in store for them.

Ellen spoke one on one with three of the students, one of whom called the school his "family." One young woman would be the first in her family to attend college. "I'm not going to be a disappointment. I'm going to be somebody," she said.


"These kids have overcome all kinds of things," Ellen told her audience, "and they go to school every single day, and they work hard every single day, and all they want to do is go to college, and they deserve that."

So to help the class of 2017 reach that goal, Ellen announced that Walmart would be giving each student a four-year college scholarship to any New York state university. The show called it Ellen's "single biggest gift ever," worth $1.6 million. Needless to say, there were quite a few tears of joy in the studio.

See the amazing surprise for yourself in the video below:

(H/T: USA Today)


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