Caitlyn Jenner And Ellen DeGeneres Have An Emotional Surprise For A Transgender Woman

Tears, tears, and more tears.

It's finally Ellen DeGeneres' season 13 premiere week and in a very special talk show debut, Caitlyn Jenner sat opposite DeGeneres for a one-on-one conversation surrounding Jenner's transition, her family, and even her dating life.

But at one point, DeGeneres and Jenner moved away from the interview to surprise Blossom Brown, a transgender student sitting backstage.


E! Online reports that on an episode of "I Am Cait" a month ago, Jenner made plans to help Brown get into nursing school — a task that has proven difficult despite Brown's fitting grades and college performance.

Brown is the first transwoman to graduate from Mississippi University for Women, Jenner tells DeGeneres in a video clip from the show. She also has a passion for giving back, and hopes to pursue these passions through a career in nursing.

However, Jenner says that Brown cannot get into nursing school because she's transgender.

When Brown joins Jenner and DeGeneres onstage, she explains that she has applied and been denied to nursing school six times, "mostly because I'm trans. I have a good GPA, make straight A's, I had a great ACT score... I've even talked to people who had lower ACT scores and lower GPAs than I did and they got in."

And though DeGeneres cannot get Brown into school on her own, she does address administrators and nursing schools directly: "I'm just going to say, anyone watching...please get in touch with us...We want to help Blossom get into a nursing school."

But that's not all DeGeneres had in store...

Thanks to Shutterfly, DeGeneres presented Blossom with a check for $20,000 to help her pursue her dreams.

On a blog entry for the Human Rights Campaign entitled "I am Blossom," Brown writes, "Meeting Ellen and experiencing her generosity, it was all such a beautiful surprise. And now my dream of being a trans health advocate with an official nursing degree is one step closer..."

"...I know change is coming. And I know that the power of sharing our truths is an enormous part of helping that change come. Even despite the real challenges I experience in being public, I have not one regret and am standing strong in my truth."

Watch below:


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