Ellen's 'Average Andy' Faces His Biggest Challenge Yet With A Sumo Wrestler

"He knows we're in different weight classes, right?"

Ellen DeGeneres just can't stop sending her executive producer Andy Lassner out to try new things. In the past, he's trained on the balance beam with gymnast Simone Biles and even played hockey with his favorite team, the L.A. Kings. He's been out of his comfort zone in every situation, but he gives it his all.

This week, Andy faced what might be his biggest challenge yet — in more ways than one. Ellen signed him up for a private sumo wrestling class with two-time world sumo champion Yamamotoyama, forcing him to adjust not only to a new sport but also to a new culture. 

Needless to say, the Japanese tradition didn't exactly come naturally to him. Even just putting on the belt (or mawashi) threw him off balance.


When it came time to try out some moves on the mat, Andy was pretty nervous. "He knows we're in different weight classes, right?" he asked before they started. 

The producer definitely gave it his best shot, but he was simply no match for the champion.

Fortunately, Andy told Ellen afterward that he didn't get hurt, but he was sore. "I'm sore when you make me do a lot of these things," he admitted.

Ellen appreciated him for being a good sport. "Well, I always love you doing that for me. Thanks."

Watch Andy give it his all in the video below:


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