Watch Ellen's 'Average Andy' Try His Best At Playing Hockey With The L.A. Kings

They don't go easy on him.

One of our favorite regular segments on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is "Average Andy," in which Ellen sends her executive producer Andy Lassner out to try new things with people who are the best at what they do. He doesn't always master it in one go, but he gives it his best shot, and if you've ever watched him brave a haunted house on Halloween, you know the results are hilarious.

In the past, Andy has kicked it with the Radio City Rockettes and tried his hand at the balance beam with gymnast Simone Biles. Most recently, Ellen sent him to train with his favorite hockey team, the Los Angeles Kings, and they didn't go easy on him. 

Even just wearing the team's heavy uniform turned out to be a challenge, but Andy persevered.


Although Andy revealed that he played floor hockey back in the '80s, whatever skills he may have had back then didn't exactly transfer onto the ice — or into the 21st century. He did his fair share of slipping and sliding, but the Kings were there to help him back on his feet.

"This is the one thing in my life I didn't want, was to be embarrassed in front of these guys," Andy remarked.

The team put him in the goalie position, and he actually managed to block a few pucks, but it was hard to keep up with the pros.

When all was said and done, Andy got some much-needed help removing his helmet and asked the team how they think he did. Their answer? "A lot better than we expected," although he was still "a little bit below average." 

But hey, you have to give him credit for trying. 

Watch "Average Andy" do his thing in the video below:

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