Elle Mills Comes Out As Bisexual In This Fun, But AlsoTearful, Video To Her Family, Friends And Fans

"Hazel eyes, tattoos, enjoys roller-coasters, and has a kind heart."

Vlogger Elle Mills,  known for her YouTube channel, ElleOfTheMills, had a rather important announcement to make to family, friends, and fans. It was something she'd been wanting to say for awhile, so it was important she convey the message in a creative and fun way. So, she used her YouTube channel as a platform to come out as bisexual to her 650,000+ subscribers. 

Her coming out video starts with her saying she gets one question asked more than anything: "Are you gay?"  She explains, "Throughout my life, I have always found boys cute ... but deep down I knew I had other attractions as well. It's a side of myself that I've been scared of so I heavily repressed it — until I met her." 

To tell six of her friends the news, Mills sat each of them down and asked them to draw her crush based on the descriptions she gave them. 

"I'm going to explain to you my crush, and you have to draw out what you think they look like," Mills instructed her pals. The Canadian vlogger told her friends that her crush had hazel eyes, tattoos, and a kind heart.  When she asked her friends to show their drawings, each one drew what appeared to be a man. Their reaction to Mills's reveal, that her crush is actually a woman, is absolutely heartwarming. 


Mills was met with so much love and support from her friends. However, she still had to face her fear of telling her family. In a tearful confession, the vlogger admitted some family members were not really accepting of the LGBTQ+ community. "Growing up, there's always been like a negative undertone about the LGBTQ+ community," Mills said. "I'm scared that my relationships with the people in my life right now are gonna be different. People are going to look at me differently. Certain family members and friends won't want to be friends with me the way we used to be."

Despite her fears, Mills had to get this weight off of her chest. She decorated the front of her house with rainbow wrapping paper and when her family drove up to the scene, Mills came out with her truth. Her mother tearfully replied, "I accept you for who you are. You know that."

Mills's coming out speaks volumes, not only because she is encouraging others to live their authentic selves and their loved ones to accept them, but also because she is giving visibility to people who are bisexual. 

There are so many misconceptions and negative stereotypes about the bisexual community, including hurtful myths that bisexuality is "just a phase," a "cop out" for someone who is just secretly gay or lesbian, or that it doesn't exist at all.  Bisexuality is very real and anyone of any gender can be bisexual. Mills using her platform to give light to this and show that it's OK to wear bisexuality as a proud identity is truly inspiring and empowers others to own who they are, too. 


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