These Women Shaved Their Heads On Camera, Proving 'Beauty Doesn't Have To Mean One Thing'

"You really just have to present yourself as your own self."


The thought of shaving your head can be a scary one — though, for women in a new video for Elle, it can be empowering, too.

In the video, three women decide to shave their head, on camera, for the first time while narrating the experience. 

The women are driven to experiment by numerous motivators: the desire for self-appreciation regardless of outer appearance, the need for a creative release, and to make a push back at traditional beauty standards.

"I feel like when I shave my head I will find a sense of freedom and empowerment and I'll be ready to take on the world," one woman says. 

Continuing through the process, the women offer up multiple sentiments that we can all learn from, and we've rounded up our favorites below:

"There's a sense of vulnerability to not being able to hide behind it or allow it to take over the self-expression. You really just have to present yourself as your own self."

"Beauty doesn't have to mean one thing necessarily. It presents itself as what it is."

"I just feel like I don't have be your kind of pretty. I can just enjoy myself whatever way I look. I can learn to appreciate myself whichever way I look."

"I think it'll force me to be more bold. I think I look beautiful."


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