Sleeping Giants Hide On Rooftops — And They're Fantastic


Artists Ella and Pitr paint massive paintings of sleeping giants atop various rooftops throughout the world.

In an email to GOOD Magazine, the artists explain the works exist to "underline the chaos of our cities. We love seeing these giants sleeping in the middle of noise, cars, building, pollution… We are like small ants. When you walk on the drawing, you can't see it. It's abstract."


But zoom out on the works to reveal something spectacular.

The works cover rooftops and otherwise bland surfaces in Chile, Portugal, Canada and France, and are made from mediums like "water-based ink, coal, chalk, meudon white and lime," a caption on a video featuring the art reads.

The images, which make up the artist's Sommeils Lourds (meaning Heavy Sleep) series, give people the opportunity to "have another point of view about their cities," the artists tell GOOD. "It shows how small we are."

Continue for a few of our favorite images from these artists' incredible body of work.

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