This Elizabeth Warren Action Figure May Be Small, But It’s Impact On Women In Politics Could Be Huge

It reached its Kickstarter goal in just 12 hours.

Even standing six inches tall, an action figure version of Elizabeth Warren is nothing short of powerful. With a "righteous fist to fight for the middle class," an "optimistic smile to give us hope," and a "power blazer to topple the patriarchy" — among other aspects — the folks over at FCTRY are giving us someone to look up to and supporting a great cause at the same time.

Having been inspired by the moment Warren was silenced by fellow senator, Mitch McConnell, on the Senate floor — with the iconic line "Nevertheless, she persisted" — earlier this year, the idea for this figurine was born.


FCTRY / Kickstarter

"As far as politicians being aspirational figures, by and large I think it's the opposite with the exception of a very small handful of them who seem to genuinely stand for ideals," Jason Feinberg, CEO and creative director of FCTRY, told A Plus in response being asked if perhaps politicians have replaced fictional figures — such as superheroes and Barbies — as those to aspire to be like.

"I think the real people trend … is really fascinating," Feinberg, who has also been inspired by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, continued. "Something definitely happened along the way where reality and entertainment merged, right? I mean, that's where a Trump presidency comes from, right? So yeah, I suppose the rise of political action figures only really make sense in a world where entertainment and politics are more or less one in the same."

For the Warren action figure — which was sculpted by Mike Leavitt — to be realized, FCTRY created a Kickstarter with the aim to raise $15,000. Now, just a day after putting the page up, the project has seen more than $50,000 contributed — and it still has 30 days left. In fact, Feinberg said the Kickstarter was fully funded after just 12 hours of being public, calling it "kind of nuts."

FCTRY / Kickstarter

Feinberg has been making action figures inspired by real-life people for quite some time now, beginning with historical ones such as Einstein, Shakespeare, and Freud. It was Howard Dean's presidential campaign in 2004 that turned Feinberg's attention to politics.

"It seems like a different lifetime now, but during the height of the '04 primaries, he was very inspirational to young people, in the same way Warren and Sanders are now," Feinberg said. "I missed the boat with him but promised myself the next time I was inspired by a politician I'd make them into an action figure. Then Obama came along four years later and the rest is history. The Obama action figure is the only reason I have a company today. Otherwise, I'd probably still be a teacher."

Previous projects have seen donations made to causes such as the Clinton and Sanders campaigns as well as the ACLU — you can thank the Trump action figure for that one — FCTRY is at it again with the Warren addition, this time partnering with EMILY's List. This organization, for those of you who don't know, is a political action committee (PAC) created by Ellen Malcolm in 1985 that aims to help progressive women get elected to office. Proceeds from the sale of the Warren-inspired action figure will go to EMILY's List.

FCTRY / Kickstarter

"We spoke to Sen. Warren's campaign before launching on Kickstarter and, while they really love what we're doing, they were concerned about any possible perception of a corporation raising funds on her behalf, which is prohibited," Feinberg stated. "We obviously don't want to cause any problems for them, so we looked for a cause that was closely aligned with Sen. Warren's values and EMILY's List seemed like the best choice for us."

As for what's next after the success of the Warren action figure, Feinberg says he's a fan of quality over quantity and they'll "wait for those moments" that will inspire him. "What we do doesn't work if the passion and enthusiasm aren't really there," Feinberg added. "Our figures do well because we're capturing the zeitgeist."


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