YouTuber Elizabeth South Becomes 14 Disney Princesses In Awesome Medley

You won't be able to let it go!

Elizabeth South is basically a Disney Princess.

Last December, the Durham, North Carolina singer/songwriter performed 14 Disney Princess songs in one amazing YouTube video. 

Now, that video has over 8 million views, and it's easy to see why — South expertly transforms into each character, wig and all, as she sings each princess' songs. 

"Elizabeth South recorded all the vocals, arranged the entire medley, filmed and edited the video, and created/adapted/pulled together her own hair, makeup, and costumes," reads the video description.


She starts off as Anna from Frozen with "For The First Time In Forever."

Then transitions to Ariel's "Part of Your World."

She even goes super old school with Snow White's "Someday My Prince Will Come."

Walt Disney would sure be proud.

Check out the full medley below:

Though the video is from last year, it still makes us smile! 

(H/T: 6abc)

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