She Figure Skates On A Frozen Lake In The Mountains Of Canada. The Aerial Perspectives Will Make Your Jaw Drop.



In the video above, we see former Canadian World Champion and Olympic Alternate, Elizabeth Putnam skating in the mountains of British Columbia. 

The aerial footage taken from a helicopter overhead shows the true grace of the skater's movements...

...and the music by Delaney Kai adds to the overall tranquility of the scene.

Kai's song "Waiting, Waiting" went viral six months ago when it was posted on Reddit. After hearing the song, Putnam asked to use it for her skating routine, and Kai happily obliged. 

Now, Kai has posted Putnam's video to Reddit with the caption: "Six months ago my song was posted on Reddit. The response was incredible, including a PM from another Redditor asking permission to use it for an ice skating video. I'm blown away and had to share! Thank you, Reddit." 


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