Famous Actress Shared The Advice That Shaped Her Career — And It's Killer

Go for what you want.

Elizabeth Banks' acting portfolio is nothing short of impressive. She's starred in top films such as "Pitch Perfect," "People Like Us," and, of course, "The Hunger Games" series.

And in a recent interview with Katie Couric, Banks says that she will never forget a particular piece of advice she heard earlier in her career. With it, she developed a persistent attitude that allows her to focus on her goals. 

The accomplished actress even admits to writing a letter straight to Gary Ross, the director of "The Hunger Games," to ask for the opportunity to play Effie Trinket.


"I got great advice a long time ago which is 'you do not get what you don't ask for,'" Banks says in the interview.

"And I am amazed at how many people sit at home waiting for the phone to ring. And then wondering why things aren't happening." 

Now, The New York Times has announced Banks will direct "Pitch Perfect 3," following her directorial debut with "Pitch Perfect 2."

"If I love something, I'll do whatever it takes," Banks adds in her interview with Couric. "And all they can do is say 'no.' And life goes on."

With that outlook, the odds will be ever in her favor.


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