Famous NFL Brothers Make College Kids Sweat For Their Gatorade, And It's Hilarious

Time for some wall sits.

Sometimes you put your money into the vending machine and nothing comes out.


And sometimes, Peyton and Eli Manning show up at the machine and make you work up a sweat in exchange for a cool beverage.

In a commercial series for Gatorade's "Sweat It To Get It" campaign, students walk into an empty room and feed the machine their money. When nothing comes out, they're told they're going to have to work a little harder for it.

And that's when these guys show up...

Then, the two football brothers team up to coach students into a workout that will make them sweat before they can get a Gatorade from their college's vending machine.

It includes wall sits, squats, running in place and some high knees.

"Does he want it? Let's go, let's go!"

"If you stop sweating for a second, it won't work."

The brothers' hilarious commentary makes these commercials all the more entertaining. That, combined with the students' willingness to do whatever the famous coaches ask of them, work to create some pretty epic moments.

"Sweat. It says, 'I was here. I put in the work.' Every drop of sweat is a reminder that what you get out is a result of what you put in," Gatorade writes on their website.

Watch three of the full commercials below:

And be sure to watch the full series here.

(H/T: E! Online)

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