Cars On Safari Are Stopped By Elephant Crossing Guards For The Best Reason

Gentle giants.

Pachyderms on patrol?


That's what drivers in South Africa's Kruger National Park encountered when they were stopped in traffic by two large elephants in this video posted by Kobus Roux on YouTube.

One elephant appeared to serve as guard while the other crossed.

The vigilant elephant maintained a post, assuring the safe passage of the other.

Moments later, more elephants emerged from the brush...

Watch the video to see why the drivers couldn't possibly be upset at this minor delay.

The older elephants carefully flanked the two calves as they crossed, making sure that they were protected, much in the way that human parents surround their kids when crossing the street.

This video is a gentle reminder of how creatures on Earth care for their young and how we all might consider that, in the broader sense of conservation, these are not just "animals" we're trying to help. They're also fellow parents and children.

For more on conservation, visit the World Wildlife Fund.

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