Sex Ed Teacher Opens Her Class To Questions. The Kids Do Not Hold Back.

“Wouldn’t it be just as good if the boy had the baby for a change?”

Children live life unfiltered, and rarely hesitate to ask questions that might otherwise sound ridiculous coming from adults. But, when it comes to sex, kids truly ask the darnedest things. This became apparent when one sex education teacher recently offered her students the opportunity to ask their most pressing questions about how babies are made. While most of the kids' inquiries are hilarious, it's hard to deny that their logic can truly open one's eyes to the norms we take for granted.

For instance, one child asked: "Wouldn't it be just as good if the boy had the baby for a change?"

Another child asked: "Isn't there some other way to have a baby?"

(Women across the globe have been asking these questions for centuries, of course, but they sound much more convincing coming out of the mouths of babes.)

Twitter user @kimyoogyeom, friend of the sex ed teacher, took to social media to share an abundance of said questions with others on the social platform, and the tweet quickly went viral.


While one child noted that "intercousing" takes 24 hours, they subsequently asked, "How do you stay awake?" Another child wanted to know if a baby would "be born bigger" if you "intercourse" longer. 

Still, another child asked: "When the PENISE is put into the VIRGINIA, does it slide in quietly or click like a lock?"

Amid the comical questions, fellow Twitter users chimed in with their own comments and stories of their own childhood confusion about the reproductive process.

Of course, while these questions are downright hysterical, their general lack of knowledge highlights why it's crucial to teach children about the intricacies of the human body at an early age. By outlining the actions and consequences, children will grow up equipped with the information necessary to make educated decisions about their own reproductive health.

Cover image via Oksana Kuzmina / Shutterstock

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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