The U.S. Has It's First-Ever Electric Gas Station

It's a sign of the future.

In a glimpse of the future, the United States officially has its first-ever full-converted gas-to-electric charging station in Takoma Park, Maryland. 

Depeswar Doley, who converted the gas station, told CNN he understands it is a huge risk. But his daughter apparently convinced him to give it a shot, citing all the environmental benefits of switching over from a regular gas station. Apparently, the high schooler played a big role in giving him the courage to go for it. 


"It's good for the environment," Doley told CNN. "I'm not doing this just to nickel and dime, thinking about how much money I'm going to make -- no. I know this is a good cause, and this is something new. What I'm doing, maybe it will encourage other businesses owners and encourage the electric car business."

Smile Fight / Shutterstock

There are just 20,700 registered electric vehicles in Maryland, but the number of electric vehicles on the road in America is growing. A government grant to Doley helped fund the conversion, and Maryland's Gov. Larry Hogan has said the state hopes to be a leader in clean energy.

"This thing is so new, we don't know what's going to happen," Doley told CNN. "It might flop, or it might work out -- we have no clue at all. We're just crossing our fingers, and in the back of my mind, I know this is something good for the environment


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