These Seniors React To The Boy-Meets-Boy Storyline Of 'In A Heartbeat' In The Most Adorable Way Possible

“We do need to remember that love is love and our hearts need to rule.”

"Really sweet." "Charming." "So powerful." "This should be up for an Oscar." These are just a few of the instant reactions a group of seniors had after watching In a Heartbeat, the gay-themed animated short that has gone insanely viral and received more than 23 million views — and growing — since debuting on July 31.


The latest installment of "Elders React" has older people of various races, genders, and ages watch the Beth David and Esteban Bravo-directed film. As to be expected, they all have varied feelings and feedback as the four-minute movie plays, ranging from being appreciative of the hard work it took to make it as well as applauding the message it is sending out.

In a Heartbeat follows a boy named Sherwin, whose heart literally jumps out of his chest and chases down another boy, whom he has a crush on, named Jonathan. It shows the struggles of young boys who are grappling with their sexuality fighting to cover up how they're feeling, and facing ridicule from others for who they love.

The conversation then turns to whether or not this group believes this sort of project would have been made and — maybe more importantly — been successful back when they were growing up. This is when the impact of what David and Bravo did by telling a story like this really proves to be important and necessary for LGBTQ youth, and one that shows how far we've come.

Someone said they were sure there were little boys who felt these sorts of feelings back then, but that it was "just completely unacceptable." Another person said they think the younger generation is so accepting and able to open their minds to these sorts of things, unlike some of the older generation, and that it's "a new day now." Someone else said they think things have improved in the last decade or so, recalling a student they had 10 to 15 years ago who was grappling with being gay and there not being things that showed them everything was OK.

When asked what they would tell the filmmakers if they had a chance to address them or if they were watching, answers ranged from praise for the ideals being represented to their professionalism with the work. One person said movies like this could be something that "validates" the feelings of little boys with the "positive message" it is sending out.

Perhaps the best response, though, was something one of the seniors said we should constantly remind ourselves: "We do need to remember that love is love and our hearts need to rule."

Watch the full "In a Heartbeat" film here:

Now check out the "Elders React" edition:

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