Elderly Man 'Seconds Away' From Being Hit By Train Before He's Saved (VIDEO)

A close call not for the feint of heart.

An elderly man was stuck on the tracks in Auburn, Washington, with a train just moments away from striking his car. But his bad luck turned to a miracle save when four good samaritans saw him stranded on the tracks.

Richie Sanchez was getting ready to leave his friend's apartment when he noticed a car sitting on the train tracks. Cynthia Svendgard, who was with him, says she knows how often trains come and knew that the man didn't have much time. 

"As soon as I walked over to the car, I noticed he was an elderly man, and he had no idea or recollection where he was whatsoever," Sanchez told local news station Q13 Fox

With the sound of the train coming, Sanchez, Svendgard and two other good samaritans managed to get the elderly man out of his car and pull him to safety behind a few parked vehicles.

"We're hearing the train arms come down, we're hearing the dinging of the bell, and we're hearing the horn of the train. It's getting closer and closer," Sanchez said. "It was just the most frightening, adrenaline rush I've had in a long time."

Just moments later, the car was struck and dragged 150 feet down the tracks. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

"At the end of everything I got to say goodbye to him," Svengard said. "It was kind of cheesy, but I told him I loved him and gave him a hug."


Here is cell phone footage of the incident:


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