Prepare To Have Your Heart Melt Watching This Elderly Couple Reunite At The Airport

A real life Romeo.

In a bustling airport, a passerby takes a minute to videotape a reunion between an elderly man and his wife, who seemingly stop the world around them to embrace.

As the woman arrives, a tall suitcase in hand, her husband stands tall, waiting with a bouquet of pink flowers and (from what we can tell), a beaming smile.


The man who posted the video, singer Chris GQ Perry, captioned it plain and simple: "This is true love."

The video already has nearly 26 million views and nearly one million "likes" on Facebook, with comments showing complete admiration.

When the two embrace, they share a long hug and kiss, just like something out of a movie.

Now THAT'S #RelationshipGoals. Be sure to watch the full video below:

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(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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