This Is Footage Of El Chapo Escaping From Prison — And It's Insane

Whoa, what?


There's a massive manhunt underway in Mexico for Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. On Saturday, the notorious drug kingpin escaped from prison (again) through an elaborate mile-long tunnel. 

This time around, surveillance footage in his cell shows El Chapo pacing back and forth before bending down behind his short shower wall and disappearing down a hole.

Here's El Chapo heading to his getaway.

And the exact moment he drops down the tunnel to his great escape.

If you thought his second escape was astonishing, wait 'til you see the decked-out tunnel that was built for it.

It was equipped with ventilation pipes and lighting (just in case he lost his way or something).

And an actual motorcycle to power the carts that helped construct the tunnel.

The two-level tunnel led to a half-built house near the prison.

The infamous drug lord is one of Mexico's most dangerous criminals. Some liken him to a modern-day Pablo Escobar, though the DEA ruled El Chapo more powerful than even Escobar. The first time he escaped from prison in 2001, he was on the run for more than 10 years before finally being caught. 

El Chapo's escape is the stuff of Hollywood films, and it certainly lends to his interesting reputation in the U.S. American hip-hop has such a strange fascination with the obscenely wealthy El Chapo that songs have been made about him.

Like Wiz Khalifa and Berner's "Chapo."

And Gucci Mane's "El Chapo."

For surveillance footage of the moment El Chapo escaped and the video of the tunnel, watch it here:


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