Actual Eighth-Graders Can See The R-Rated 'Eighth Grade' Thanks To Free Screenings

"Come watch, kids!"

Critics and moviegoers are praising a new coming-of-age film called Eighth Grade, which was written and directed by comedian Bo Burnham and debuted earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival. Unfortunately, the film is rated R for language and "some sexual material," meaning viewers under 17 can't see it without an adult. 


This means that very the people the movie is about — young teenagers navigating the complicated world of middle school — may not be able to witness it. However, the studio A24 has announced a solution in the form of free screenings this Wednesday which will not enforce the film's R-rating.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the screenings will be hosted in 51 theaters, in every state of the U.S. In Los Angeles, the screening will be held at the Arclight Hollywood. In New York City, it will be held at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brookyln 7. You can check for screenings in your state here.

"If you've been through 8th grade, Eighth Grade is for you," declares the page announcing the screenings. Director Bo Burnham also tweeted the news on Monday, writing that it is "sort of stupid" that the film is rated R. "Come watch, kids!" he encouraged.

Dana Schwartz of Entertainment Weekly called the film "true-to-life and unfortunately relatable for anyone who's struggled with fitting in," adding, "Although the f-word is used a handful of times, and sexual activity is alluded to, it's nothing most preteens aren't already talking about with their own friends."

"I hope anybody watching it feels something. Not necessarily taking anything away, but just seeing themselves in these characters and feeling something," Bo Burnham told HelloGiggles about his wish for the film. Hopefully, thanks to these screenings, actual eighth-graders will have the opportunity to feel something, too.


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