8 Police Officers From The Same Department Have Babies Within Months Of Each Other

"Guess there's something in the water here."

In May 2018, a photo went viral of seven firefighters from the same service who welcomed babies within months of each other. 


Then, in July 2018 a photo went viral of six nurses from the same department who found out they were all pregnant at the same time without planning it.

Now, both groups have been upstaged by eight police officers from the Erlanger Police Department in northern Kentucky who all had babies within months of each other.

The Erlanger Police Department shared a photo of the parents with their newborns on Facebook and called out the fire department in their description with the hashtag #wegotubeat. They also agreed that "there's something in the water here, too."

The photo shows the seven policemen and one policewoman in their uniforms holding their little ones who are all under a year old. The Erlanger Police Department confirmed the kids were born within 11 months of each other. 

According to Fox19, Lieutenant Jon Sterling reported the youngest baby is 6 months old and the oldest is 11 months, and there are four boys and four girls.

Like in the other situations, it wasn't planned. Officer Ryan Atchley told WLWT5 that it began with one person revealing they were expecting a baby ... then another ... then another.

(H/T: Today)


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