See All The Magical Ways To Turn Roses Into Desserts For Valentine's Day

These are gorgeous.

"Usually we stop [and] smell the roses," host Gabe Kennedy says in a new video tutorial for Bon Appétit. "But today, we're making it sexy and we're tasting the roses."

The video, which features edible roses as one of the main ingredients for different baking techniques, shows us sure-fire ways to impress our Valentine that go way beyond bouquets in vases.

First, Kennedy and a couple of bakers, Matt Lewis and Anne-Marie Bowman, use elegant rose petals to decorate a cake and turn it into a seductive masterpiece.


Then, the team uses the rose petals to make rose water by steeping them in a coffee press. That rose-infused water can be used in buttercreams and as a simple syrup over the cake.

But they're not stopping there: Kennedy suggest they candy the rose petals by soaking them in simple syrup and drying them in an oven. 

And finally, the bakers create rose-shaped fondant decorations for the cake that serve as both final-touch decorations and as sweet treats. 

Needless to say, no matter which method you choose, turning roses into a Valentine's Day dessert is sure to impress your S.O. 

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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