This Dystopian, Sci-Fi Christmas Ad Shows Some Surprising Humanity

Christmas really might be the most wonderful time of the year.

German supermarket Edeka isn't afraid to go dark in its yearly Christmas ad campaign so that we can see the light. Its 2015 ad, after all, told a tale of an elderly man who faked his own death in order to reunite his relatives. 

This year's installment, however, is bound to have universal appeal.

The four-minute cinematic commercial — from ad agency Jung von Matt — depicts a futuristic, dystopian Germany in which A.I. has taken over Munich and humans hide in the wilderness. At the start of the short, a robot goes rogue when it sees a poster for a Christmas movie at an abandoned theater. After learning about Christmas traditions from the film reel, the robot tries to recreate a holiday feast with a bunch of mannequins … but finds their company to be depressingly lifeless. So the robot heads out of the city and into the woods, searching for humanity in both senses of the word.


"Without love, it's just a feast," the tagline reads. The whole ad seems to speak to our anxious times, perhaps suggesting that togetherness will see us through the darkness. 

This mini-movie is just the latest entry in a long line of heartwarming (and high-budget) Christmas ads coming out of Europe. Just last year, for example, Edeka showed us it's the people that make the holidays bright, not the preparations. That same year, IKEA Spain had kids reminding their parents that the gift they want most is time spent together. Last year, Lotería de Navidad showed us that a sense of community can be the greatest jackpot of all. And just this month, BBC One proved the connection between family members can be downright magical.

In the world of advertising, at least, Christmas really does seem to be the most wonderful time of the year.

Check out the Edeka ad below:


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