Ed Sheeran Just Made The Day Of This 6-Year-Old Suffering From Batten Disease

"Last night our little boy met his hero."

Ollie Carroll's biggest wish was to meet Ed Sheeran — and it just came true.

The 6-year-old boy, who has a terminal illness called Batten disease, has been a huge fan of Sheeran and finally got the chance to be introduced the pop star in the flesh. The big moment came just a few short months after a Facebook page dedicated to Ollie's struggle began posting about the little guy's sole request.

Ollie — who suffers from seizures and is unable to talk, walk, see, or stand — was invited backstage to meet "his hero," who helped him get through "the hardest and darkest of times" at the Manchester concert.

"As soon as Ed walked into the room yesterday and spoke Ollie's eye lit up and a smile spread across his face. This image was priceless," the post reads. "Ed spent time with Ollie and gave him the biggest of cuddles …"

Not only did the "Shape of You" singer meet with Ollie but the rest of the family got to get in on the fun, too. Apparently, Ollie's sister, who also has Batten disease, was "completely in love and couldn't stop staring at" the 26-year-old musician.

"Ed is one of the loveliest guys we have ever met, he asked us to explain Batten Disease and Ollie's Army. He was truly saddened by our journey," the post continues. "To us last night Ollie wasn't meeting a star he was meeting HIS star, he was meeting the man that taught him the power and love of music."

 In addition to showing his fans just how much he loves them, Sheeran stood strong with Ollie and even showed support for Ollie's Army by wearing a wristband in solidarity.

"We never thought this would happen and through the power of social media it has," the post concludes. "Our dying boy wished to meet his hero, last night that wish was granted."

(H/T: Hello Giggles)


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