Ed Sheeran Is 'In Love With Your System' In Google Translate's New Take On His Lyrics

"Gradually watermelon."

We never get tired of hearing new and creative takes on Ed Sheeran's hit song "Shape of You," but we've never heard anything quite like this version from YouTube star Malinda Kathleen Reese.

Reese has a hilarious series of music videos called "Google Translate Sings," in which she puts the lyrics to famous songs like "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen and "Hello" by Adele into Google Translate, translates them through several languages (in this case, Korean, French, Icelandic, and more), and then translates them back into English. Then she sings the ridiculous results to the tune of the original song.

In this updated version of Sheeran's track, the singer's infatuation seems to be more academic than romantic. "I'm in love with your system," Reese sings instead of "I'm in love with your body." The lyric containing the song's title, meanwhile, becomes simply, "I like shapes."

And don't even ask us how "Come on, be my baby, come on" turned into "Gradually watermelon." We may not understand it, but we're definitely laughing.


"You know, if you think about it a little bit too hard, 'Shape of You' could actually be a song about someone that just really loves geometry and biology," Reese muses in the video's conclusion.

We never thought about it like that, but we don't think we'll ever hear the song the same way again.

Hear every delightfully absurd new lyric in the video below:


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