Ed Sheeran Fools Us All And Proves He Is A Gangster In Disguise

"Got it for the low-low."

Ed Sheeran is a gangster. Do not adjust your screens, you read that correctly.

While at the BBC Radio 1 "Live Lounge," Sheeran did an impromptu cover of rapper OT Genasis' gangster rap track "CoCo." Take it from us, you never heard a song about, well, you know, sung like this. 

It is pretty cool how he swaps the melody and turns it into a acoustic, poppy love song. Sheeran's long said that he's "not a rapper, he's a singer with flow," but it's still incredible how he melds two seemingly dissimilar genres together. 

Just, wow.


Here is the original version of "CoCo" for inquiring minds.

As a bonus, Sheeran also covered Christina Aguilara's "Dirty."


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