This Victim Of Child Trafficking Speaks Many Languages. The Reason Behind It Is Heartbreaking.

This is the harsh reality.

Many of us look back to our childhood, thinking of how peachy and carefree our lives were then. Unfortunately, for many kids around the world that's just not the case.

"There are as many as 1.8 million children exploited in prostitution or pornography worldwide and human trafficking alone as an illegal industry generates billions of US dollars," states the website of ECPAT, an international network of organizations focusing on protecting children.

This only serves to drive home the point that child trafficking is a global business. The estimates are heartbreaking — 80 percent of all trafficking is related to sexual exploitation. In more than 20 percent of these cases, the victims are children.

A new ad released by ECPAT features a young girl Jane and reveals the heartbreaking truth behind the industry.


Jane looks straight into the camera and names phrases she knows in different languages. She knows Russian...



...or Spanish.

But she wasn't taught them by a teacher.

Jane didn't learn these phrases taking language classes like many kids her age normally would.

She is not alone. 1.8 million kids around the world get sexually exploited every year. And this is not OK.

Watch the entire video below.

Check out ECPAT's website to see how you can get involved in the cause.

Also, share this to raise awareness of the issue, because things need to change.


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