Ebola Survivor Who Lost 21 Relatives Gives Birth To Baby Boy: 'I Can Start A New Family'

A light at the end of the tunnel.

Victoria Yillia lost almost all of her loved ones to Ebola, the disease that caused an epidemic in African countries killing about 6,480 people in 2014. But now she can rebuild her family tree and it has begun with the birth of her son. 

Yillia was the first Sierra Leone resident to survive the ravaging disease and though she lost 21 family members, her overcoming the disease has paved the way for her child to be the light at the end of what seemed like a never-ending, painful tunnel.  

"Because I lost all my relatives, God has blessed me and I can start a new family," she told AP. "With this baby, all I have lost has come back to me."

She and her husband (and now new baby) are all that remain of her family. And though the birth was a joyous occasion, she mourns for those she lost. According to AP, she cried thinking about her mother, grandmother and sisters not being able to be there. 

She and her husband surviving was a miracle, but so was getting pregnant. Doctors didn't think she would be able to after having Ebola. Again, she beat the odds. 

"He will be the foundation of our family, and a source of comfort to his mother," her husband told AP. "We pray that he will become a success in life."

For more head over to AP. 

(Cover photo (not the baby in story) via USAID Agency for International Development/Flickr).


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