Sharing Your Earbuds Could Potentially Be The Grossest Thing You Ever Do

They can hear that new hotness on their own earbuds.

Where would we be in life without our earbuds?


They help us accomplish so many important tasks, such as ignoring people and powering us through that dreadful treadmill workout.

However, there's one thing earbuds aren't good for: sharing.

We've all been there when a friend passes us their earbuds to check out this "dope new track," and we immediately spot all that gross wax just chillin' there like, "Yeah, I haven't been cleaned in like, ever."

While the ear wax is of course completely unappealing and a no-fly zone for us, wax itself is not what you need to be worried about.

Buzzfeed spoke with an expert, Kelly Reynolds, Ph.D., who explained that wax is just the ear's way of cleaning itself and is harmless.

She said our "ear usually consists of pseudomonas, staphylococcus, and strep," and added "even though those sound really bad, many people carry these types of bacteria without any issues." 

So take a deep breath.

However, since earbuds are often stuck in pockets, bags, and left on tables, the wax left on them can help pick up unwanted bacteria. We're lookin' at you sweaty gym pockets.

That is where the  problem arises. The wax from your ears begins to  pick up bacteria that doesn't naturally occur in your canal.

On top of that, just using earbuds creates even more bacteria.

Medical journal Laryngoscope found, "the typical headset had 60 microorganisms on its surface; after an hour's use of the headphones... that number went up to 650."

Basically, make sure you are cleaning your earbuds on a regular basis. We know, who has time? But do it once in a while.

While you create a lot of grossness on your own, sharing them with another person will spread their own germs to your earbuds and vice-versa.

However, try not freak out all that much. 

According the Wall Street Journal and Lisa Sturm, director of Infection Control and Epidemiology at the University of Michigan Health System, "Most kids are pretty immune to normal bacteria out there, otherwise they'd be getting sick all the time."

You're not going to die, and it isn't like you're going to get automatically sick just because you shared your earbuds. You are just increasing the likeliness of spreading of an infection. 

Better to be on the safe side, right?

Now go enjoy your music and get out of here. Lesson over.


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