This Band Was On Stage During The Paris Attacks. Now, For The First Time, They've Returned To Paris To Perform

An incredible moment.

U2 said they had "nothing left" for concertgoers as they wrapped up their performance in Paris Monday night — except for one thing.

The concert, at the AccorHotels Arena, was near its end when U2's Bono surprised the audience with a big announcement: Eagles of Death Metal (EODM), the band that played at the Bataclan theater during the November Paris attacks, who "escaped the carnage by hiding in a dressing room," (the New York Times writes), would take to the stage and perform once again.

"[We have] nothing left except to introduce you to some people whose lives will forever be a part of the city of Paris," Bono explains to a packed arena, captured in footage from the event. "We would like to offer them [our stage] tonight."

In a video interview with VICE, published shortly after the attacks, EODM members sat down to explain their experiences from that terrifying night, and how they will move forward.

"We will never lose or forget you," Shawn London, the band's sound engineer, says in a comment directed towards the fans. "Keep the strength." 

Matt McJunkins, the bassist, adds: "Playing every night, and seeing those smiling faces out in the crowd, is what keeps us going. That's what makes us play a show. That's why we play. And there's no way we're not going to keep doing that again."


So, just a few short weeks later, EODM arrived on stage alongside U2. They were greeted with overwhelming applause and cheers while they embraced Bono and the rest of the band.

Remy Gardien, an audience member at the concert, told BBC the band's appearance created an incredible source of energy. 

"Everyone was clapping and cheering. You could see the bassist in tears, and Larry the drummer. It meant something for a lot of people — the locals and the French," he told the publication. "When [Eagles of Death Metal] said their goodbyes... I also saw tears on their faces. It was quite a night. Everyone was without words. I won't easily forget it."

Following the memorable occasion, Eagles of Death Metal posted a sincere, heartfelt thank you to their Facebook page:

"Thank you to France, and thank you to everyone in the world who continues to prove that love, joy, and music will always overcome terror and evil. We look forward to fighting the good fight on many more fronts very soon," an excerpt from the post reads.

"We lent you our stage, but you owned it. Thank YOU," U2 replied on Twitter.

It's an emotional, unforgettable moment for Paris, both bands, and all those watching.

Check out the full video below:

(H/T: NY Times)


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