17 Dying Traditions That Should Be Preserved

No. 2 should be a tradition that never goes away.

The future might hold many exciting prospects, such as advances in technology and medical breakthroughs, but it's important we don't forget our past and the traditions and rituals that bring us joy. 

To find out which traditions people have found to be particularly meaningful, a person took to Reddit to ask the online community, "What is a dying tradition you believe should be preserved?" In just a day, the question received over 9,000 comments that show just how strongly people feel about staying connected to the past. 

Here are 17 traditions that people want to preeserve.


1. Going to drive-in movies.

2. Sending a handwritten letter.

3. RSVPing to things and actually going.

4. Canning and preserving food.

5. Writing thank you cards.

6. Sending postcards when traveling.

7. Enjoying things without social media.

8. Wearing Claddagh rings to indicate your availability.

9. Actually going trick-or-treating.

10. Having stores be closed on holidays.

11. Taking a home economics class.

12. Making stained glass windows.

13. Having harvest festivals.

14. Creating hand-drawn animation.

15. Playing board games.

16. Building proper castles.

17. Singing sea shanties.

Cover image via A. and I. Kruk / Shutterstock


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