Dying Father Fulfills Final Wish To 'Walk' His Daughter Down The Aisle

"Mark and Charlotte’s wedding was a celebration of love, not only theirs but a love that joins their families closer to each other."

Weddings are typically an emotional rollercoaster for everyone involved. But, for one bride in Las Piñas, Manila, Philippines, the big day was truly bittersweet, as her walk down the aisle was unlike any other.

While preparing for her wedding to Mark Cordova, bride-to-be Charlotte Villarin was also struggling with her father's terminal liver cancer. After living with the illness for more than a year, Pedro Villarin was nearing the end of his battle. His health began to decline rapidly, but the 65-year-old was determined to walk his daughter down the aisle and see her get married. Ultimately, Christine and her groom moved the wedding up two months to fulfill her dying father's wish.

Thus, on August 9, as Christine told Metro, she and her family hired an ambulance and a private nurse to transport Pedro to the ceremony so he could accompany his daughter as she walked down the aisle. 

"We were going back and forth in the hospital beforehand," Charlotte said. "We hired an ambulance and a private nurse. We thought he would be able to sit on a wheelchair, but he couldn't take it and used the stretcher from the ambulance instead."

"But he really sacrificed because he felt pain in that moment. And we thank God for allowing that to happen," she added.


Images of Pedro by Charlotte's side, as captured by Law Tapalla Photography, have since gone viral, for each photo demonstrates the strength of this father's devotion up until the very end.

Law Tapalla Photography's original Facebook post reads: "A Father's Love knows no boundaries. Mr. Pedro Villarin walked [his] daughter down the aisle like any father would have even if his current health makes this a difficult endeavor."

"Mark and Charlotte's wedding was a celebration of love, not only theirs but a love that joins their families closer to each other. We have witnessed how in every difficult situation there will always be hope and happiness," the caption continues. "We're privileged to capture every moment of smiles and tears in this wedding."

"This was really an emotional moment. My father's one wish was to see his daughter married and we made it come true for him," Charlotte said. "It made the day very bittersweet. It hurt me knowing that he would be leaving us, but I was happy that he was there. I am happy he could see me get married."

Unfortunately, Pedro Villarin passed away just days after the ceremony, on August 12. But, as these images show, Charlotte and her family can carry his memory with them knowing that his dream came true.

"That wedding was really for him because he wanted to walk with me to the altar and witness my wedding," Charlotte added. "It was really painful but knowing that he left this world, fulfilling his dream, I'm happy already no matter what."

Cover image via Cindy Hughes / Shutterstock


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