Dwyane Wade Got A Unique Goodbye From Budweiser

The NBA legend's career was recapped in an unusual way.

Dwyane Wade has plenty of basketball accolades, but none of them were featured in the goodbye video Budweiser made for him.

Wade, who played his last game in the NBA on Wednesday night, is known around the league for helping people off the court. In their tribute video to his career, Budweiser decided to focus on those efforts instead of his three NBA championships, 13 all-star games or two scoring championships. 

In the video, Wade is alone inside the Miami Heat gymnasium. One by one, people he has helped throughout his NBA career walk onto the gym floor to thank him. A woman whose house burned down. A woman whose younger brother died in the Parkland shooting. A young man who was inspired by Wade to leave his troubled neighborhood. Even Wade's mother, who served time in prison, walked out and thanked him for always keeping his faith in her.

Throughout the years, it has become a ritual for great athletes to receive sendoff video tributes from around the leagues they play in. This one, though, was unique for how little basketball it actually featured. You can check it out below.



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