The Rock Was All Too Eager To Hold His Daughter In This Photo, And Parents Can Relate

"I’ll always take these moments while I can."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a man of many hats and arguably one of the most important is being a dutiful dad. His Instagram posts frequently demonstrate this. What's more, they look at parenting from a positive perspective and enjoying every minute in the present.


This was recently demonstrated in a post about Johnson having his nails painted by his daughter Jasmine "Jazzy" Johnson. And the ethos was highlighted once again in a recent adorable photo with the 2-year-old.

The actor shared a photo taken by partner Lauren Hashian of himself snuggling with Jazzy, and explained how the precious moment came to be. "Working late and had only 3 hours sleep when this tornado busts in our bedroom, jumps on me and pleads with me to get up and take her to my closet (she keeps toys in my closet) to play," he states. "We get there and then — surprise — she refuses to play and just wants me to hold her while she makes fart noises."

He admits that he was "tired as hell" but had the foresight to see this was a special moment. "Thought ehh there's gonna come a time, years from now when jumping in my arms is the last thing she wants to do and ain't gonna be cool anymore," he admits.  

"So, I’ll always take these moments while I can."

He hilariously ended the post, "Somewhere @kevinhart4real is crying and wishes he was her."

In two days the post has generated 7.5 million likes. People appreciate the tender sentiment and sweet photo as well as the funny closing line.

One commenter was fully on board with Johnson's idea. "100%! Don't take the cuddles for granted and make the most of them," an Instagrammer said. "My babies are only 2 and 15 weeks and I already dread that day."

A parent with grown children agreed. "You said it! With my 'kids' away at college, they are 18 & 20, I find myself continually thinking back to when they were 3 & 5 ❤️😪🤧❤️ Enjoy while you can."

"Rock solid attitude," complimented one user. "You've got the right way of thinking that seems to be lost by so many parents these days. Good on you."

Another added, "Those are the unforgettable moments in a child's heart."

(H/T: PopSugar)


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