When Mother Of 5 Was Rushed To The Hospital, These Policemen Stayed And Did Something Amazing For The Kids

The other side of police work.

"Serve and protect" is the common motto adopted by many police departments around the world. But when you imagine their ordinary duties, which of the two comes to mind first?

After all, the police are here to make us feel safe. To prevent crimes. To protect us from danger. Usually, we don't put enough thought into what "serve" means.

Hopefully, after this story, we will.

Last week, the Dutch police department in Eindhoven received a call reporting that a mother of five was experiencing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and needed to be rushed to the hospital immediately.

A group of policemen and paramedics was sent to deal with the situation and the woman was taken out in an ambulance. A few of the team members stayed behind to watch after her children before authorities could transfer them to a relative or another safe place.

Because of the emergency, the kids hadn't eaten and were hungry. So, these policemen took the matter into their own hands.


The Dutch policemen cooked food for five children, whose mother was rushed to the hospital. And did the dishes afterwards!

According to the Eindhoven Police post on Facebook, the unnamed policemen made some fried egg sandwiches and fruit plates for the kids. They also posted an uncannily adorable photo of themselves washing the dishes.

The post has been already liked by 72,203 people and received more than 6,000 comments, all of which are praising the incredible act of kindness done by these benevolent policemen.


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