Dutch City Is Covering Is Bus Stops In Plants And Flowers

It does more than you think.

Holland is covering its bus stops in plants in an effort to help the bee population.

Utrecht, a city in the Netherlands, has covered 316 bus stops with sedum plants and other flowers. Along with helping honey and bumblebees populate, the plants will also capture fine dust and rainwater, according to The Independent.


Each of the plots of plants cover bus stops that include bamboo benches and have been equipped with LED lights, which are energy efficient. Workers employed by the city tend to the bus stops by driving around in electric vehicles to check on them.

The new plots of plants are all part of the city's plan to have clean public transportation by 2028. Utrecht is also trying to add 55 electric buses to its public transportation fleet which will be powered by windmills. 

Cover photo: Shutterstock / Alex Tihonovs


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