WWE Pays Tribute To Dusty Rhodes, One Of The Greatest Wrestlers Ever

What a beautiful video.

Last week, the WWE lost a legend when Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes died at the age of 69. 

Rhodes, whose real name is Virgil Runnels, was most commonly known as "The American Dream." Rhodes made a reputation for himself in the WWE with eccentric interviews, dancing in the ring and a successful career as well. He was a three-time champion in the NWA World Heavyweight Division. 

His physique commonly tied him to the "working man," and his wrestling persona frequently discussed how he may not look like a world-class athlete, but he'd certainly fight like one.

Rhodes' cause of death is unknown, but contemporary superstars like Triple H have already paid tribute. 


In a touching ceremony on Monday night, the WWE paid tribute to Rhodes by bringing every wrestler to the ring for a 10 bell salute and then playing a video in his memory. 

You can watch it here:


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