Watch What Happens When Couples Are Forced To Give Up Their Phones In This Social Experiment

"Are you more connected to your phone than your partner?"

Watch What Happens When Couples Are Forced To Give Up Their Phones In This Social Experiment

Can you imagine going on a vacation with your significant other without a cellphone, tablet, or laptop? 

Durex conducted an experiment to see how getting rid of technology could affect a couple's getaway. They sent six different couples on a trip, but asked half of them to give up "anything with a plug" upon arrival. The other three couples were able to keep their technology for the duration of the vacation. 

"In a way, I'm glad that we got to keep them because I can document this and I like documenting," one woman said. 

The other couples who kept their tech seemed equally pleased. They chatted with friends and family back home, took photos, and did all the other things you do when you have your phone handy. 

However, the couples without their technology quickly realized they weren't missing out. "They spend a lot more time looking down than spending time with the partner they brought on holiday with them," one woman said of the couples who got to keep their phones.  

Another woman was clearly frustrated with her partner for texting during dinner. "Do you have to reply to it now? You're annoying me," she said. 


By the end of the experiment, it seemed clear that having access to your phone and laptop is more of a distraction than an advantage. 

"At the time, I thought we're so lucky to have to be allowed to keep our technology with us. Looking back on it now, I don't know if we were," one man said.  

"Sometimes what's lost is personal connection, personal communication," another man noted. 

The couples who got rid of their phones were thankful for the experience. 

"Not being with technology, we're almost like in a bubble. We talk more, we sing more to each other, we play silly games," one man said. 

 "I was just quite enjoying relishing in the moment rather than looking at it through a lens," one woman mentioned.

You should, too. If leaving your phone at home for the entirety of a trip sounds too difficult, try leaving it back in the room before a day out. Do you really need to check Instagram at the beach? Do you friends back home need to hear from you while you're trying to enjoy dinner? 

Enjoy what's in front of you instead of what's behind the screen. We have a feeling you and your relationships will ultimately benefit. 

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