This Man Strutted His Stuff In 'Dudeoir' Photo Calendar To Raise Money For Children's Books

He's sexy and he knows it.

Responding to a woeful lack of photo shoots featuring half-naked, bearded men lounging in their natural habitat, Chad Castigliano, owner of Chronicker Photography created The Whimsical Woodsman dudeoir calendar. 


The resulting pictures will satisfy all your lumbersexual needs — and then some.

The calendar stars his friend Tim Wilson — full-time Arizona wild lands firefighter, part-time model — posing with power tools, sizzling in suspenders, and flaunting what his mama gave him in flannel. 

"It was ridiculous, of course," Castigliano told A Plus. "We laughed hard for the first 10 minutes … but as the time went on, he [Tim] got into it and started being goofy with it."

The Whimsical Woodsman Wilson is just the latest man to strut his stuff for the camera. Dudeoir photoshoots have begun to spread like wildfire. Earlier this year, one man did a photo shoot for his wife's birthday, which inspired another country-style one just to show off that classic dad bod.

But this dudeoir doesn't just look good. It does good.

After seeing references to dudeoir photo shoots online, Castigliano and his wife, Jasmine, decided to try to make one of their own with the hope of donating funds from any calendar sales to raise money for her nonprofit, Books to the Rescue Yavapai County. The organization "gives comfort to kids in crisis" by helping "first responders limit the emotional impact of adverse childhood experiences" with books and stuffed animals. 

They recruited Wilson and his wife to their cause and agreed to donate one-third of the calendar's total profits to Books to the Rescue. (The couples split the rest.) "Right now, the goal is $50,000 to fill every sheriff vehicle in our county with the resources," Castigliano said. If their calendar sales really take off, they hope to contribute even more. 

That's a very real possibility. Castigliano hoped they'd get 1,000 shares to spread the word about his wife's charity, but their post has garnered more than 30 million engagements on Facebook in just a week. 

The Whimsical Woodsman photo album has also been shared over 240,000 times. "This has totally blown us all away," he told A Plus, "We never expected it to go like this — not this big. It's surreal."

Besides helping out local children, The Whimsical Woodsman has also inspired adults everywhere to smile, laugh, and be comfortable in their own skin.

The response to the photo shoot has been overwhelmingly positive and surprisingly personal. "The most interesting and unexpected thing to come from this is the comments and private messages," Castigliano said. "People are telling me how they are inspired by the photos because of his courage to do them and how it's given them courage to be themselves." 

One particularly touching comment came from a woman who lost her husband last July. She thanked Castigliano for doing the photoshoot and told him the pictures "really gave her a good laugh," which she hadn't been able to do since her husband's passing.

He also received two Facebook messages from young trans people. One explained how the Woodsman encouraged her to be self-confident with his "comfortable in his own skin" attitude. The other told him that Wilson was an inspiration because "he has the body style [he] wants to achieve." He even put Wilson's photo on his "body goal board." 

"These reactions are really something we never thought of, let alone expected. It's really cool how [Wilson] has become this inspirational figurehead and has brought so many smiles to people who were really down and out."

And all those inspired by The Whimsical Woodsman can now enjoy his sensual and sensational pictures every day.

Calendars became available to pre-order here on Monday. (For international orders, go here.) The calendars will be printed this week and immediately shipped out. 


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