Mermen Make Waves With Their Dudeoir Calendar Meant To Raise Money For Charity

You'll definitely want to be part of their world.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Beard and Moustache Club just debuted a dudeoir calendar that's a little wet and definitely a whole lot of wild. Called MerB'ys, the calendar title combines the Spirit Horse Mental Health Program, a local charity that teaches life skills to people through therapeutic interaction with horses.


"I was fortunate to be able to attend the grand opening of Spirit Horse and their new horse arena, and hear Erin Gallant speak about the impact horses have had in her own life and battles with mental illness, and the many other people whose lives she has improved and even saved," the group's founder and president Hasan Hai told A Plus via email. "I knew in hearing her passion and love for helping others that this was a group that I needed to support in some way. I'm hoping our fundraising helps them with operating costs, and also makes her programs accessible to people who need it the most, but could not otherwise afford it."

Photo Credit: Sabrina Kelsey Courtesy of Hasan Hai 

Besides contributing to a great cause, the calendars were also created with the intention to contribute a new, more inclusive idea to western culture's traditional view of masculinity. "It's important for anyone in a position of power and influence to use that platform to help those who may not have a voice themselves. Large, bearded men have the advantage of being noticed. We want to promote body positivity as we represent a wide spectrum of shapes and sizes," Hai explained. "Our group embraces all manner of diversity within humanity — ethnicity , gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. We wanted to send a message in a fun way that masculinity and vulnerability were not mutually exclusive." 

That's also why they chose the MerB'y theme in the first place. Hai originally got the idea when a friend posted a dudeoir photo of a burly, bearded guy wearing a Merman suit to his Facebook timeline. "I'm a big fan of projects which push the boundaries of my comfort zone and throw my dignity out the window for a good cause!" he said. "There is something so vulnerable and whimsical about this theme, which has the added benefit of challenging stereotypical views on masculinity. Real men can show affection, dress or look how they want to, and not be bound by anyone's definition of what 'being a man' is." 

Photo Credit: Jessica Stack Courtesy of Hasan Hai 

Because each dudeoir photo adds something enlightening to this conversation, Hai was hard pressed to choose a favorite. "It's impossible to pick from such an amazing assortment of photos," he said instead. And he's certainly not the only one who thinks so. Since the calendar made a splash in the media over the past few weeks, sales have "spiked dramatically," according to Hai. "While we are keeping our total sales numbers a surprise until the end of the campaign, we've had to go back to our printers several times to increase our original order," he said. "Yesterday we sold 1000 calendars, to give you an idea."

Photo Credit: Darrell Sharpe Courtesy of Hasan Hai 

"The responses from people all over the world have been amazing," Hai added. "This appears to be the only time where reading the comments section is a joyous experience, where people are completely supportive of what we're doing." With this year's calendar such an overwhelming success, Hai and the Newfoundland and Labrador Beard and Moustache Club are already considering a few options for 2019, but those interested will have to "stay tuned" to find out what moustachieod magic they come up with next. 

Photo Credit: Andrea Edwards Courtesy of Hasan Hai 

In the meantime, check out even more awesome photographs from "MerB'ys" 2018 calendar below:

Photo Credit: Ritche Perez Courtesy of Hasan Hai 
Photo Credit: Greg Noel Courtesy of Hasan Hai 
Photo Credit: Andrea Edwards Courtesy of Hasan Hai 
Photo Credit: Greg Noel Courtesy of Hasan Hai 
Photo Credit: Darrell Sharpe Courtesy of Hasan Hai 
Photo Credit: Andrea Edwards  Courtesy of Hasan Hai 

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