Dude Wears Heels For An Entire Day To See What It's Like

Now he knows the struggle.

The male, non-heel wearing team members over at BroBible wanted to find out why women, at least the ones they know, complain about their feet hurting in heels. So they decided to let their video correspondent, Brandon Cohen, take one for the team and wear heels for an entire day to find out.

Their initial goal was to, as they so eloquently put it, "show [women] what wimps they are, and straight up dominate the heel game for a whole day."

Cohen got suited up (in his high heels) and set off to work, vowing to spend the entire day in them. He feels discomfort as soon as he makes it out of his bedroom, which is a pretty good indicator of how painful the rest of the day is to come. He makes it to work, lunch and to a mall before calling it quits.

These bros just learned a lesson the hard way. Here's a breakdown of this dude's day in heels:


9:30 a.m.: Arrived at work, in 'so much pain, it's astounding.'

Lunchtime: He can barely stand. 'I now see the importance of parking near the exit,' he says.

2:30 p.m.: The struggle is real. 'I literally can't stand anymore.'

Watch the entire painful ordeal below, then don't ever judge women for complaining their feet hurt again.


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