It's A Full-On Battle For The Golden Gun In This NERF Challenge

The winner gets the Golden Gun.

When we were kids, was there any better feeling than getting a brand new NERF gun to play with?


Since then, NERF guns have gotten quite extravagant.

Perhaps the best part was challenging your friends to see how many things you can knock over.

Sensing our need to return to childhood, Dude Perfect decided to come up with this epic NERF challenge. The winner receives the 'Golden Gun'.

Take that Bond.

Without further ado, lets check out this competition.

The first round consisted of a few different obstacles.

First you had to knock down the most cups. Question is, how long did that take to set up every round? Nevermind that now though.

After knocking down the cups, they had to pop a set of balloons and then ended it by diving through a hula-hoop while shooting a target on the other side of the room.

The top two then made it the second round where they battled for the Golden Gun.

The second round incorporated a whole new set of challenges. First they had to hit a set of pins while swinging back and forth, then had to gather their strength to make it through not one, but two different play sets. These are some pretty athletic dudes though. 

Let's see who made it out on top in the video below.


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